Book Review: Nobody Will Tell You This But Me, by Bess Kalb

I could tell this girl she’d marry the love of her life in a year. She’d leave the tenement in Brooklyn and see Cairo and Tuscany and China and Switzerland and Greece and Gaza and Paris – Paris more times than she could count. She’d visit her mother’s village in Belarus (then part of Russia),Continue reading “Book Review: Nobody Will Tell You This But Me, by Bess Kalb”

Book Review: Girl A, by Abigail Dean

You don’t know me, but you’ll have seen my face. Girl A Lex is on her way to the prison where her biological mother has just died. She is the executor of the will, although she doesn’t understand why, given that she has refused to see her mother all of the time that she hasContinue reading “Book Review: Girl A, by Abigail Dean”

Book Review: The Sound Mirror, by Heidi James

All the knowing and wisdom, the habits and curses. Superstitions and protections, charms and jinxes. The Sound Mirror “She is going to kill her mother today.” I’ll be honest, I read the opening sentence and considered putting the book straight back down again. I had just finished another book that focussed on complicated mother-daughter relationshipsContinue reading “Book Review: The Sound Mirror, by Heidi James”

Book Review: The Push, by Ashley Audrain

The first night in the hospital I didn’t sleep. I stared at her quietly behind the perforated curtain that surrounded the bed. Her toes were a row of tiny snow peas. I would open her blanket and trace my finger along her skin and watch her twitch. She was alive. She came from me… IContinue reading “Book Review: The Push, by Ashley Audrain”

Book Review: The Cactus, by Sarah Haywood

‘I’m doing a charity pub crawl next month, and wondered if you’d sponsor me,’ he said. ‘I can email you the fundraising link direct, seeing as you’re not joining the twenty-first century any time soon.’ ‘ ‘What charity is it for?’ I asked, throwing down my pen. ‘I haven’t decided yet. I just need toContinue reading “Book Review: The Cactus, by Sarah Haywood”