My Top Ten Books of the Year (Part 2)

Ho, ho, ho, it’s *nearly* time to say goodbye to 2021! It wasn’t all bad as I had lots of extra time at home to read this year! This is the second half of my Top 10 list. The books are in no particular order and if you want to read the first half (postedContinue reading “My Top Ten Books of the Year (Part 2)”

Who am I? (Without wanting to sound too existential) Part 2.

This is my 50th blog post! I am super proud that I have stuck with the regular posts and that people are reading them. I thought for my 50th blog post I would write a little more about me and who I am so you can all get to know me more. So, here areContinue reading “Who am I? (Without wanting to sound too existential) Part 2.”

Book Review: Pretending, by Holly Bourne

TW: sexual assault Here’s the thing: I really don’t understand why love has been so hard for me. I’m pretty. I’m smart. I have a goodish job. I have friends. I have hobbies. I am funny. I am self-actualized. I dress well. I don’t have particularly high standards. I am not expecting to be rescued.Continue reading “Book Review: Pretending, by Holly Bourne”