Book review: The Lido, by Libby Page

The sky stretches above her and for a moment she feels completely free. She rolls onto her back and tries backstroke so she can watch the birds crossing back and forth… She stops swimming for a moment and floats; for the first time in a long time she lets herself relax. The water holds her.Continue reading “Book review: The Lido, by Libby Page”

Book Review: Girl A, by Abigail Dean

You don’t know me, but you’ll have seen my face. Girl A Lex is on her way to the prison where her biological mother has just died. She is the executor of the will, although she doesn’t understand why, given that she has refused to see her mother all of the time that she hasContinue reading “Book Review: Girl A, by Abigail Dean”

Book Review: Miss Benson’s Beetle, by Rachel Joyce

Until now, Margery hadn’t shared her father’s love of insects… Yet as her finger met the golden beetle, something happened: a spark seemed to fly out and her future opened. She went hot and cold. She would find the beetle. It was that simple. Miss Benson’s Beetle Margery Benson is working in a school teachingContinue reading “Book Review: Miss Benson’s Beetle, by Rachel Joyce”

Two Month Review: Women Who Travel

My blog is two months old today! It has been another fun month of writing, reading, learning and getting to know people. For this month’s round up I thought I would continue highlighting some of the women who have been keeping me inspired. “My relationship to travel has always been… a kind of ferocious eagernessContinue reading “Two Month Review: Women Who Travel”

Book Review: Leonard and Hungry Paul, by Rónán Hession

‘What kind of things do they usually ask? I’ve never had an interview before…’ In general, they usually like to know if you’re a born leader, a visionary and a can-do sort of person.’ ‘I suppose there are probably lots of things I could do if were to try them, but generally I don’t tryContinue reading “Book Review: Leonard and Hungry Paul, by Rónán Hession”

Book Review: Unsettled Ground, by Claire Fuller

The morning sky lightens, and snow falls on the cottage. It falls on the thatch, concealing the moss and the mouse damage, smoothing out the undulations, filling in the hollows and slips, melting where it touches the bricks of the chimney…. The worries of seventy years – the money, the infidelity, the small deceits –Continue reading “Book Review: Unsettled Ground, by Claire Fuller”

Book Review: The Sound Mirror, by Heidi James

All the knowing and wisdom, the habits and curses. Superstitions and protections, charms and jinxes. The Sound Mirror “She is going to kill her mother today.” I’ll be honest, I read the opening sentence and considered putting the book straight back down again. I had just finished another book that focussed on complicated mother-daughter relationshipsContinue reading “Book Review: The Sound Mirror, by Heidi James”

Book Review: The Push, by Ashley Audrain

The first night in the hospital I didn’t sleep. I stared at her quietly behind the perforated curtain that surrounded the bed. Her toes were a row of tiny snow peas. I would open her blanket and trace my finger along her skin and watch her twitch. She was alive. She came from me… IContinue reading “Book Review: The Push, by Ashley Audrain”

Book Review: Last One at the Party, by Bethany Clift

Should you read a story set in a pandemic when you are living in a pandemic? Where will we be in 2023? How do I predict I would fare in a dystopian world? I answer all these questions and more! It’s 2023 and a deadly disease starts in a small town in the USA. ItContinue reading “Book Review: Last One at the Party, by Bethany Clift”

Book Review: The Cactus, by Sarah Haywood

‘I’m doing a charity pub crawl next month, and wondered if you’d sponsor me,’ he said. ‘I can email you the fundraising link direct, seeing as you’re not joining the twenty-first century any time soon.’ ‘ ‘What charity is it for?’ I asked, throwing down my pen. ‘I haven’t decided yet. I just need toContinue reading “Book Review: The Cactus, by Sarah Haywood”